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Will there be prizes?

Yes, we will have a host of different prize categories, everyone has the chance to win.

Will there be water stations?

Yes, please see the check points on the ‘route map'. You will need to bring 2 litres of water for the first section(s). The Sunrise 40 does not have a checkpoint for the first 16kms.

The event is overnight, will it be very dark?

Yes, we have been asked this... it will be very dark but with a good torch it is fine. The moon face this year will be 90% which is quite bright.

Is it dangerous?

We will do our best to make this event as safe as possible, however, walking down steep paths in the dark has very definite risks and we certainly want to emphasis this. Only you know your own abilities. We strongly suggest you follow our advice, have good quality tested gear (especially torch/phone) and spares. Most importantly, you should make sure that at least some of your training hikes are done at night. We strongly recommend that you have completed the whole course within your training.

What happens if my teammate drops out before the race or even during the race?

You will receive an ‘unofficial time' and would not be eligible for the prize.

If your team/pair does complete the race, your official time will be that of the last person in your group to pass the finish line.

What happens if I get tired and want to leave the race early?

You must tell a race marshal (at any check point) that you are dropping out of the race. This is VERY important and MANDATORY. Once the marshal and timing person have recorded that you have decided to drop out please make your way to to finish line to collect your drop bag. We only provide transport at the finish line  - from Cheung Sha to Tung Chung. There is a night bus service but it is very limited, on one route and only at about 03:00. There is a limited taxi service; we will provide the telephone number to participants.

How long will the route take me?

Three to four KM per hour is fast walking with little or no breaks... you should know how fast you walk from your training. Last year, our fastest participant finished in less then 4.5 hours and the last participant to cross the line was nearly 12 hours. In previous years some participants commented that they did not realise how far it was or that it involved steep mountain climbs - please be aware. This is your responsibility.

How much of my money goes to charity?

MoonTrekker Limited is a private company, race entry fees are used to administer the race. Once you register, you are required to raise sponsorship of at least HK$650 for our official charity. 100% of the sponsorship monies you raise goes directly to The Nature Conservancy. Sponsorship will be collected at race pack collection (late September) between 10am-4pm (venue to be posted on our particpants page).



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