Will you beat the sun

Are you ready to push yourself to the limit at Barclays MoonTrekker, Hong Kong’s most exciting endurance competition ever? Now in its sixth year, the MoonTrekker race is set to challenge the hearts, minds and legs of Hong Kong’s most intrepid adventurers..

Barclays MoonTrekker 2014

Barclays MoonTrekker will take place on the 10th October, 2014. This year we sold out 1600 places in just 45 minutes. Please email info@moontrekker.com to be added to the distribution list and add yourself to our FB page: www.facebook.com/BarclaysMoonTrekker

Lantau Peak

This mountain forms part of the backbone of Lantau Island, and for years has been a destination for lovers of the great outdoors, eager and determined to experience Hong Kong’s finest dawn view first-hand. The official time to catch the sunrise will be around 6.21am.

Challenge Yourself

Whether you want to kick-start a healthier lifestyle (good preparation and training are key!), explore the most beautiful parts of Hong Kong, help raise money for a great cause, or simply want the chance to catch dawn from 1000 metres up, MoonTrekker is the best outdoor experience in Hong Kong.

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